Cutest Shih Tzu Puppy | First Day at Home
  • 17.05.2022
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Cutest Shih Tzu Puppy - First Day at Home If you've ever watched an animal show, you've likely seen a puppy's first day at home. Shih Tzu are people-pleasers who love to play and learn. In fact, they've been voted as the cutest breed for first days at home! Unlike many other breeds, these Shih Tzu don't guard their territory and can happily greet visitors from the first day they're home. These adorable pups are naturally friendly, but they should be socialized from a very young age. Shih Tzu puppies can even participate in some dog sports! While they can be playful and play with children, they prefer spending their time in the house. To maintain their health and happiness, make sure to take them on daily walks. Shih Tzu puppies are excellent lap dogs. If they're bored, they'll let you know it. The cutest Shih Tzu puppy videos are the ones with the most adorable faces. These pup videos feature adorable puppies learning how to walk, play with toys, and interact with their owners. As a bonus, you can even get a free printable of the puppy's first day at home worksheet, so you can do it anytime! If you haven't got one yet, check out these tips and videos for inspiration! Care For the Shih Tzu's luscious coat

Shih Tzu Reacts to His New Haircut
  • 13.05.2022
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A Shih Tzu Reacts to His New Haircut A Shih Tzu Reacts to a New Haircut - What's Your Dog Thinking? You'll be surprised to find out how your dog feels when you change his haircut! Here are some of the most adorable reactions you might see from your dog. Let us know how you and your Shih Tzu react below! We hope this article will help you decide which hairstyle will look best on your dog! The lion cut is an incredibly popular haircut for Shih Tzus, which originated in China. Noblemen favored it because it resembled a lion. The longer hair on his head gives the impression of a lion, but shaving the entire body and undercarriage close to the skin can be dangerous. In order to give your dog a lion haircut, be sure to use proper equipment and care. Shih Tzu hair is thick and double-layered. It grows straight past the feet, and it is dense and double-layered. Shih Tzus shed very little, but their hair can become matted. His ears are full and his tail is long and curls into a feathery plume. His stance is typical of a Shih Tzu, but his attitude is not one of arrogance or aggression. It is important to choose a groomer who is certified in pet CPR and has experience with different breeds. Also, the groomer should be friendly and know the proper way to handle your Shih Tzu. You might want to ask the groomer if they offer a window where you can watch the process. It will give you a better idea of what the groomer is doing.